Our Work Contents

The Ehara Patent Office is a group of specialists in intellectual property, having a wealth of experience and achievements in all matters related to intellectual property rights over the 80 years since the office’s establishment. We will continue to respond the trust placed in us by our clients as we act as an assistant in the client’s intellectual property strategy, which is becoming increasingly important for borderless corporate competitions in the 21st century.

A wealth of experience and expertise since establishment in 1937

For approximately 80 years since the establishment of the Ehara Patent Office in 1937, we have provided intellectual property services to many clients both in Japan and overseas and have earned their trust and satisfaction. Those clients range from individuals and small and medium enterprises to large companies. We will continue to utilize the expertise in intellectual property work that we have built up over our long years of experience so that we can provide high quality intellectual property services to our clients.

Detailed and considerate supports from the standpoint of the client

We greatly value each and every case requested by our clients and make every possible effort to develop the case into intellectual property in line with the client's needs. To make this possible, we hold thorough meetings and opinion exchanges with our clients, so that we propose the optimal solution while taking analyses of the requested case both technically and legally as well as economical and market environment factors that the client faces into consideration.

Services related to overseas intellectual property through a global network

Through our approximately 80 years of experience, we have constructed close business cooperation with patent firms and legal firms in many countries, including in the U.S., Europe and Asia. For work for foreign applications such as filing an application, filing a response to an office action, filing an appeal, filing an opposition and so on, we communicate closely with attorneys in the local firms and realize reassuring supports that extend across national borders.

Description of business

  • Applications in Japan
    (Patents, utility models, designs, trademarks)

  • Applications overseas
    (Patents, utility models, designs, trademarks)

  • International applications
    (PCT applications)

  • International trademark registration applications
    (Madrid Protocol applications)

  • Applications for International Registration of Industrial Designs
    (under the Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement)

  • Intermediate processing
    (Response to notice of reasons for refusal, etc.)

  • Appeals, oppositions, appraisals, litigations, etc.

  • Various consultations regarding intellectual property

  • Various searches